Olivier Lahaye, architecture and expert appraisal

Relevant architecture is the essence of an architect’s daily work and is the end result that he must pass on to his client. The primary objective of our architecture Studio is to enable the potential builder to materialise their wishes.

The client therefore becomes a major player in the design. In fact it is he who defines the program goals that we then shape to give the project a functionality and aesthetic that remains coherent within the duality of the client’s wishes and the necessities of their implementation.

Each project is studied case by case in the smallest detail, taking into account the extent of related constraints. We also ensure that each project’s execution is carefully monitored so that we can deliver a product in accordance with the client’s wishes and best trade practices.

Our skills lie in the field of either independent or collective single-family residences, but also in the areas of industrial buildings and private communities, …. as in public tenders.

Our architecture Studio also ensures constant adaptation to developments in energy, acoustic and passive constraints, …

Since 2010, our architecture Studio has also become involved in the fields of both private and legal appraisal. This domain allows us to approach architecture from a more technical perspective and to propose remedies for inherent problems that may be present in different types of constructions.

No question deserves to go unanswered, it simply needs to be asked.

Bois & Habitat 2015

« Bois & Habitat 2015″ fair from March 20 to March 23, 2015 at the Namur Expo.