Construct, renovate, transform …

Wanting to build, renovate or transform can sometimes seem insurmountable.

That is why our Studio makes sure that we accompany the client throughout the process, from the birth of his project until he enters his new property.

We prefer to listen to the client and focus our design on the basis of his expectations. In an atmosphere of mutual trust it is inevitable that the ideal results will be attained.

Indeed, we believe that it is essential that an owner thrives in their new property which is created both for him and with him.

The role of our Studio is to help the potential builder navigate the administrative maze in order to acquire the different legal authorisations that are required for building.

Our Studio is continuously developing with help from both internal and external collaborators.

It develops by responding to new demands and takes every opportunity to understand and incorporate new industry requirements (energy, acoustics, energy performance, safety coordination, …).

The experience that we have gained in construction has allowed us to meet a wide range of participants (contractors, surveyors, engineers, …) that we are now able to recommend to the potential builder.

Beyond the architect’s legal obligation to follow-up his sites, our Studio scrupulously monitors the project’s execution to ultimately deliver a property to the client that conforms to all current standards and best trade practices.

Olivier Lahaye architecte