Origins of the office


Olivier Lahaye Architecture Studio and Expert Appraisal

Civil engineer architect graduate from the University of Liege in 1995, Olivier Lahaye acquires and hones his diverse skills through a long-term collaboration with the architectural firm LEKEU at Sprimont.

In July 2010 he declares his independence and takes his own destiny in his hands by creating the Olivier Lahaye architecture Studio.

Since these beginnings the office’s activities have also expanded to include the area of expert appraisal. After continued legal training at the Liege University between 2009-2010, our Studio was presented with the training certificate in construction-related legal appraisal.

The certificate enabled us to provide legal appraisal for the Liege district courts.

Olivier Lahaye Architecte

Olivier Lahaye Architecte

Olivier Lahaye Architecte